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We are an Australian family of five who sold everything in 2013 and headed off to travel the world. Our first stop was Ubud in Bali and we loved it so much we decided to stay and make it our base. For the first year we explored South East Asia. In 2014 we spent nearly 6 months in Europe. In 2015 we welcomed our little Ollie and spent most of our year travelling between Indonesia and Australia. Now in 2016 we are gearing up for our biggest adventure yet: North and Central America. We are going slowly and enjoying our time.

Our life is all about being free to choose to live the way we want to. As a result of our new freedom we are now able to choose the direction our life takes rather than waiting for it to happen. We love spending time with our boys while they are young and are just so grateful that this life seems to be made for us!



Jen has always had a passion for travelling. She loves to write, draw, sew and will chat to anyone. Besides travelling the world she is also passionate about design, art and making things with her hands. Once upon a time she used to work in Marketing and Management, then as a travel agent then a business lecturer. Now she just focuses on researching the next destination and looking after her three little boys.

Ideally she would love to live somewhere for 6 months of the year and travel for 6 months of the year and at the moment her dreams are coming true.



Scott is a Software engineer and has been coding since he was a little kid. He and Jen have been travelling together for 18 years and been to over 45 countries! He contracts on the side and works on a few projects to keep himself busy.

Scott loves to ski, windsurf, explore new places and hangout with his kids. He has always wanted to live in a castle or underground, so he is always on the lookout for places to stay like this. Scott is passionate about growing vegetables, making pizzas and sampling every beer in the world.



Adventure Tom is 7 and the most amazing little guy. He is funny, smart and very creative. He loves lego and designing new things including writing instruction manuals for his lego creations. His passion is travelling, recycling and building stuff out of all the things Mum and Dad throw in the bin. He really enjoys seeing new places and exploring the world with his family. His best friend is his little brother which is kind of handy as they are together all the time!



Milo is our divine but naughty beautiful 4 year old. For the first few years of his life his head was covered in ringlets and he resembled one of Michelangelo’s cherubs! He loves any kind of machinery and spends most of his life pretending to be a tractor or a motorbike. He will eat anything, cuddle anyone and can lure any animal in his direction. He is very independent and loves nothing more than spending time with his mum and dad and of course brothers!



Ollie is our supper delicious squiggly baby. He is 8 months old and a butterball of loveliness. He adores his older brothers, is fiercely independent and loves to play with electrical cords (lucky mummy and daddy)He doesn’t like to sleep much at the moment which means Jen has more time for writing at 5am.


We would love to meet up with any other families along the way so if you are in the same area please email me and we can get in touch!







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